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Dog Training Graduate

“OMG Look no further if you want your dogs REALLY trained!!! These people know what they are doing!!! Too bad I didn’t find them 5 dogs ago!!! lol lol”

– Sherry Lee Boettcher Fret

Dog Training Graduate

“WOW!!! Highly recommend Smart Dogs to everyone out there! They took our crazy bratty biting puppy, and shaped him into a well behaved and trained puppy in just a few days! We just completed the express training program, and will tell everyone we know about these awesome people and awesome training that they provide! Thank you!!”

–  Teresa Skow Koster

“Best decision we’ve made!! We got a new dog and before she got big we made the hard decision to do the lodge training with Smart Dogs. Although she was deeply missed it was the best decision we made!! She listens so well at only 14 weeks, she sits, stays, walks on treadmill, on a bike etc already. They even got our other two year old dog to walk on a leash in 30 seconds and she would pull your arm off!! Their house is set up amazing too! She also went from nipping my boys to not at all. The investment is worth it as they are now basically an on call dog trainer and respond very quickly. So glad we did this before she became too big to control. Although cute as puppies dogs can easily become uncontrollable and with kids it’s even more important. Wish I had done this with all my previous dogs!”

–  Jessie Fulton Baransky

Dog Training Graduate
Dog Training Graduate

“Smart dogs had our 14 year old dog for a week. She has never been to a lodging facility and she loves it. They took great care of her and set our minds at ease. We would highly recommend Smart Dogs!”

–  Kristi Szum

“Punkin, our 5 year old German Shepherd, was becoming increasingly difficult to handle. Not only was watching TV a nightmare as she tried attacking it whenever an animal appeared, but she felt it her duty to protect us from anyone who came near our home. Kristy and Ian immediately recognized her anxiety issues and went to work helping her to relax. They also trained us, not only giving us insight into why she was so reactive but showing us how to be better leaders for her giving her the opportunity to relax and not always have to be in charge. When they came to our home for the follow up visit we were able to reinforce the skills we had been working on. Dog training is as much for the people as the animal and Kristy and Ian are masters at their craft. Punkin is looking forward to her next adventure!”

–  Adrienne Landgrave

Dog Training Graduate
Dog Training Graduate

“Kristy and Ian have truly given our family the best gift: a well behaved dog! Lucy stayed in their beautiful home for a week. They sent us pictures and updates almost daily. It meant so much to know that our dog wasn’t only learning, but also getting so much love from Kristy and Ian. Lucy had some major anxiety and “puppy” tendencies and we had tried EVERYTHING! We actually came to the point of we either need to get rid of her or try Smartdogs. We are so happy we chose the latter! We can’t thank these amazing people enough!! You can tell this is a true passion for both of them! I would highly recommend them!”

– Jennifer Tamayo Cawthorne
Minooka, IL

Kristy and Ian worked wonders on our little man, Blake. We brought Blake home to our other furry baby, Bella who is 7. They were not getting along at all. Bella was agitated by Blake’s “puppy” behavior and Blake was ill mannered.

Blake spent 5 days at Kristy and Ian’s home. We CANNOT believe the amazing change in him! Blake has settled down considerably. He listens to commands, he does not bother Bella like he used to, he FINALLY sleeps through the night…but most importantly, Blake’s screaming and howling when we are not in the room with him has stopped.

We are absolutely amazed at the work Kristy and Ian have done with Blake! We went from frustrated puppy parents to happy puppy parents. I will recommend Smart Dogs Training to anyone who will listen!”

–  Sheri Tuell O’Brien

Dog Training Graduate
Dog Training Graduate

“Best palace in the land with the most caring , living and educated trainers. It’s obvious that Ian and Kristy have our dog and family’s best interest. We are so grateful that we found Smart Dogs. Rex will have to go get his Masters degree soon. Thank you guys!!!”

– Scott Walker

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