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Table Manners - Holiday Safety for Your Dog

November 7, 2017


Stuffed with the meal fit for kings, the Bradley family party retreats to the living room to enjoy this year’s Turkey Bowl. They laugh and tell stories together when a toppling sound drew them immediately to the kitchen.  On the floor, what remained of the turkey dinner looked to have flown off the counter, only to leap into the jaws of the Bradley’s diligent pup, Baxter.  Baxter, realizing that his time was limited, tore as much as he could manage off the turkey bone and scurried away to enjoy his stolen treasure.  The Bradley’s laughed at Baxter’s cunning attempt to partake in Thanksgiving dinner until he returned, coughing and choking.  Running to his side, Mrs. Bradley realized something was gravely wrong.  They rushed him to the animal hospital.  X-rays discovered a fragment of bone caught in his intestinal tract.  Immediate surgery saved his life - but this trip to the clinic could have been avoided as well as many other holiday related pet accidents pertaining food! Follow these three safety tips for your dog this Thanksgiving!


Food watch - Loosen your belt buckle this Thanksgiving, but tighten your watch on the garbage can.  These are perfect places for your dog to get into things that could make him sick or worse!


Bones - Some bones, like the ones bought from your local pet store are dried and purposed to keep your dog occupied.  The bones in human food, however, are easily breakable into small parts and could pierce your dogs intestinal tract! Never leave bones accessible for dogs.


Party drinks - The holidays are a great time for celebrating, just be careful drinks are off low tables and your dog cannot accidentally sip a cocktail!

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