Our “Stop Your Dog From Barking” Audio, Manual, and Take-Action Guidebook

The Secret Ways to Stop Your Dog from Barking


“Is Your Dog’s Barking Causes You More Stress Than You Signed Up For?”

Over the past 10 years, my husband Ian and I have helped thousands of dog owners to create a happy, loving home through our unique brand of dog training. Every story of helping a family to train their dog motivates us to continue helping people like you to create an ideal, loving relationship between you and your dog.​

But sometimes along the way, a dog just doesn’t want to listen or picks up bad habits. In fact, sometimes they speak out in a loud and piercing bark. This can cause problems like waking up small children, annoyance between neighbors and causing interruptions in the home and adding stress to your daily life.​

This type of problem is common for a puppy or a dog in a new environment or a dog that is anxious, nervous or insecure and the great part for you is that it can be treated and managed.

To help you bring peace back to your home, we have put years worth of experience into creating the Smart Dogs System To Stop Your Dog From Barking!

In this digital package you will learn the step-by-step, real world way to stop your dog from unwanted barking. You will immerse yourself into the Smart Dogs Training System through an MP3 training audio as well as a Bark Stopping Manual and Action Guide so you will know exactly what to do, in your home, with your dog to control their barking!​

In this training you will learn:

  • The different causes for barking
  • The best ways to eliminate barking
  • Quick solutions for working with difficult dogs
  • Common mistakes that can actually lead to MORE barking

When you take action today, you will have instant digital access to:

  • A Fast Action MP3 audio file so you can learn our Smart Dogs Technique on your phone, iPod, in your car or anywhere else you listen to audio files
  • A complete, transcribed Manual so you can read along, take notes and take action when going through the materials
  • A “Take Action Guide” so you not only learn our system, but you also take action to stop your dog from barking

The Smart Dogs System can be yours for only $19.99 today. Click the Add To Cart Button for instant access.


14 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so sure that our system will make a positive impact on your dog and your family that we are willing to put it on the line for you. If, after going through The Smart Dogs System, you are not seeing a difference in your dog’s barking, we will give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked. This is part of our 14-Day Money Back Guarantee.

I hope you can see how committed we are to helping you and your dog have the best relationship possible. Training your dog is a team effort and with coaches like us on your side, you have a tremendous advantage in building a loving relationship with your dog.

We look forward to helping you and your family!

-Kristy and Ian Dilworth

14 Day Money Back Guarantee
Dog Training Graduate

“Best palace in the land with the most caring , living and educated trainers. It’s obvious that Ian and Kristy have our dog and family’s best interest. We are so grateful that we found Smart Dogs. Rex will have to go get his Masters degree soon. Thank you guys!!!”

– Scott Walker

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