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Our “How to Train Your Dog
Without Going Crazy” Book

The foundation of any relationship between human and dog must be built and then managed on a daily basis. Before mediation or behavioral therapy is required for your furry friend, let us help demystify your role as “Pack Leader” to ensure that you are doing all you can do to give your dog every reasonable opportunity to bring peace, balance and happiness to your household. This book will guide you step by step to help you build a solid loving foundation with your dog.

HOW TO Train Your Dog without going crazy!: A Do-it-Yourself Guide to How to Train a Dog to be a "Smart Dog" 

Buy the book "How to Train Your Dog Without GoingCrazy"
How to Train your dog without going crazy

“Best palace in the land with the most caring , living and educated trainers. It’s obvious that Ian and Kristy have our dog and family’s best interest. We are so grateful that we found Smart Dogs. Rex will have to go get his Masters degree soon. Thank you guys!!!”

~ Scott Walker