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Puppy Training

Having a happy and well-behaved dog starts with proper training as a puppy.


In-Your-Home Puppy Training

We can come right to you and train your puppy in your own home! 

Everyone knows it is easier to develop good habits from the beginning rather than having to rewire and fix bad habits later. Let us get you on the right foot with your new puppy or rescue.

We can help you quickly eliminate or skip stressful problems altogether.  We should start training as soon as you get your puppy or new dog.

Available locations for In-Home Puppy Training:
Chicago and the Chicagoland area

Naples, FL
Kansas City, KS

We'll come to you!

Puppy Board and Train

Aka "Puppy Prep School”

Puppies are special.  They need special care and training from the people who do it best!  We train puppies for what they need help with now, but also set them up for a successful future with your family.  They participate in errands, meet kids of all ages, other animals (if you choose) common distractions, schedules, friends, noises, smells, etc.  They live life with us.  Your puppy will become part of our extended family.  We keep potty training a part of every program to teach them or help them stay on track.  All commands are covered along with greetings, manners and obedience.  It is an amazing program.  

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The best thing you can do is invest in training right away for a happy, healthy lifetime relationship with your puppy.

Our "Dog Boarding Resort" is located just west of Chicago in Downers Grove, Illinois.

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Puppy Training Articles

“WOW!!! Highly recommend Smart Dogs to everyone out there! They took our crazy bratty biting puppy, and shaped him into a well behaved and trained puppy in just a few days! We just completed the express training program, and will tell everyone we know about these awesome people and awesome training that they provide! Thank you!!”

~  Teresa and Randy Koster

Montgomery, IL   Pet Supplies Plus Managers