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Tricks and Dog Treats

October 10, 2017


Jumbo Halloween candy, check. Matching costumes for the entire family, check. Door decorations complete with pumpkins, hay, and corn, check.  You think you’ve done everything to prepare for a busy night in the neighborhood, but have you ensured your dog can have a safe, stress-free night too?  With all the commotion outside, ringing doorbells, and new visitors dressed in fun outfits, it could get spooky for your furry friend.  Take a look at these three tips to have a safe, relaxing Halloween for your entire household!

  1. Watch what THEY eat: Halloween is an acceptable time for you to eat sweet treats and goodies, but those things could make your pup sick. Create a designated spot for your candy bowl so that it is easily accessible when trick-or-treaters visit but away from puppy noses! Most candies are not safe for dogs to ingest (like chocolate) and the wrappers can be dangerous for them too. Too much pumpkin, corn, or hay may cause an upset stomach for your puppy, so make sure to keep an especially close eye on them this holiday.  Check out below for some gourmet dog treats.

  2. Make them easily identifiable: Costume play is a fun way for humans to change identity for the night, but your pup should always be easily identified.  On Halloween, if you expect to have your door constantly opened with trick-or-treaters, consider leaving your dog’s tags on while inside.  You never know when they can slip away because of something scary!  LED dog tag lights are a great way to add visibility in the dark if you plan to take your furry friend door to door this holiday.

  3. Have a dress rehearsal: It’s always a little odd putting a costume on for the first time; imagine how your pup feels when they’re not used to wearing clothes!  Try your pup’s costume on a few days before Halloween.  A holiday sweater is great for beginners.  They will be distracted for a little while, but with practice, they will become more comfortable with their adorable outfit.  Never leave a dog unattended with a costume. They might try to bite through the fabric.

Following these three tips will help keep you dog safe and your Halloween full of cheerful fright.  Have a photoshoot with your dogs and join our Howl-O-Ween Costume Contest on Facebook for a chance to win big prizes! Follow Us on Instagram and Twitter.  Make sure you subscribe to our monthly newsletter and YouTube Channel for Smart Dog Videos and tips!



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